How To Market Your Business Exponentially On A Budget

If you are running on a limited budget, marketing your business can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a lot of marketing strategies you can implement to grow your business exponentially. You use promotional products, engage in content marketing, or utilize social media for your advantage. Below are some powerful tactics you can implement.

1. Use Social Media

Most of your customers are definitely online through social media. Whether they use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other platform, be sure to invest your time and energy to make your business visible on social media. Rather than going into all places, choose one or two platforms and become an expert on those first. As a recommendation, choose Facebook and Instagram initially.

2. Build an Online Presence

Social media is not the only place you should be at. Create valuable content, be it blogs, videos, or engaging images. Build a website first to showcase your business and what it caters to. Add engaging videos, blogs, and images on that site to generate free traffic. You can use YouTube for your videos and embed those videos on your site as well.

3. Take Advantage of Bloggers and Vloggers

This is great for brick and mortar businesses like restaurants, bars, cafes, inns, hotels, and the like. You can invite popular bloggers and vloggers to come visit your place and try the food or the services for free. You can leverage the audiences of these influencers and promote your business to a wider audience without spending too much on advertising.

4. Add Your Business to Google Maps

Many smartphone users use maps. There are many apps that integrate Google Maps as well. If you want free local advertising, be sure put your business on the map literally. Go to Google My Business and open an account if you haven’t already. Search for your business location and add your business in the listing. Simply verify and confirm your business and you are good to go. Remember that your listing on the map can attract reviews so be sure to provide the best customer service to be able to rank up positive reviews.

5. Use Promotional Products Creatively

Using promotional products is a great way to market your business. These items do not need to be expensive. Such items can include pens, bags, drinkware, bottle openers, keychains, fidget spinners, ornaments and the like. You can have them custom made to include your brand, address, website, and contact information.

Promotional products can be used as giveaways during events, or as added freebies to your first customers. You can also give them as prizes for contents you can hold online through social media. You can give them as added bonuses to customers who want to try your product or come to your business for the first time. Promotional products are powerful and can be used in a variety of ways that your creativity can think of.